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What ages can participate in Parents Night Out (PNO)?

Parents Night Out Activities are geared for ages 3 - 13 years old. All children have to be potty trained. We will follow state ratio standards at all time and do our best to have age appropriate groups paired together to prevent older children from taking away the fun from our younger children.   

What about safety?

 This is a business run by parents of young kids so safety is key. Children will never be left unsupervised. We will have a member of our adult staff in each area used for activities based on state ratio standards.  Our adult staff will be required to have a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card and CPR/First Aid Certified. For PNO, only staff will be allowed past the registration table. 

What is Parent Night Out? 

Parents Night Out is a date night for parents and an adventure for kids. What's different about our Parents Night Out is that we try to move to central locations where kids can play with other kids while parents enjoy 3-4 hours of time on their own. We like to stay with community centers as they are city owned, safe, have additional staff on site and facilities are central to a lot of fun activities. We have rented out space at school as well. We like to keep the numbers small so crafts and games and activities can be utilized by the workers and children. Children will have a variety of activities to choose from.  

What about pricing? 

Parents Night Out = $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Family max pricing is $75 after 3 children.

Event services require a $100 deposit. 

If this is a wedding or company party, individual participants will pay $15 for each child at the event and $10 for siblings. 

Is payment available at the door? 

Yes, you can pay for Parents Night Out at the door. Pre-registration and pre-payment will receive a discounted rate.

Refund Policies

Parents Night Out = 100%

Event Services = 7 days required for 100% refund, 75% up to 48 hours notice and 50% for less than 24 hours notice minus non-refundable deposit.

Private Event = $100 deposit and $10/pp.  $13/pp which would include food (pizza, fruit snack and 100% juice). 

How many staff members will be on site? 

There will always be 2 staff members on site at any location. We always stay within state daycare standards and do not allow more than 30 people. This ensures group sizes stay small and participation can be monitored. 

Can I pay per hour?

Our prices are set for a 4 hour period. Individual rates increase after 4 hours. 

What can I bring? 

You can bring anything that you child needs. A water bottle is strongly recommended. They can bring something to lay on if they get tired. No toys. Remember, kids KNO staff is not responsible for items brought.

Will there be food available?

Pizza is provided at all of our Parents Night Out events. Events childcare can provide food as part of the contract and number of people. 

Can I have an event at my home? 

Absolutely! You tell us where to be and what to bring an we will be there. 

For any additional questions, please fill out the Contact Us form, call or text 480-442-5437 or email


Business Policies

Our contract of care includes care only during operating hours posted by each event. Late policies are strictly enforced at $1 per minute

Please keep in mind that we want all of our fun members to have the best time possible. However, adults leaders are in charge at all times and are there to ensure the safety of your precious children. We believe in redirecting and positive reinforcement. 

There will be cases where a child will be asked to be picked up. These events will be rare and include cases of excessive language, threats of any kind, bullying, bodily harm or refusing to listen to adult leaders. 

We reserve the right to refuse care to any individuals that abuse any of the outlined behavioral issue above; including any contested interactions between parents and staff. Safety is our number one priority for your children and also taken very seriously for ourselves and our staff.