Special Event Child Care

Event Services in the East Valley

Planning a wedding?

Attending an anniversary party?

Have a company work event? 

These are all common events that take place annually and are planned often! Oftentimes, these events are more adult friendly than they are kid friendly. This is where we combine our mobile event child care service with our vacation nannies and provide special event services.

Most of the venues have separate rooms included at little or no extra cost. Or, we can come to you wherever you are be it your home, clubhouse or hotel. If you have the room, we can bring the fun and the staff to you. The adults can have fun while the kids have their own kind of fun just down the hallway. Tell us where to be and we can have our XBoxes, musical equipment, projectors and various activities and crafts to you and set up in an hour. Consider having your kids on-site at your next special event with our event childcare service. 

Event Childcare Pricing

Event childcare services require a $100 deposit. 

       Event pricing for up to 4 hours.

Large venues (wedding, company party):

  • $15 for first child
  • $10 for siblings

Private Parties:

$10/pp no food

  • $13/pp with food

To have more than 40 children at an event, please note that pricing schedule will change due to the increase in supplies and crafts. 

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