Kids Night Out, LLC


Meet the Owners

Thanks for stopping by! We are a silly family of four that loves to have fun together! We love to travel, eat at restaurants, get together with family, go to Dave and Busters, have dance parties in our living room, go to movies and are always up for something new. As much as we love to do things together, we also like reminding ourselves that we are parents and having time to us. However, it's hard to leave the kids at home with a babysitter (once you actually find one). We often use Parent's Night Out locally in the valley as well as in Flagstaff just to get a couple of hours away. We found ourselves often wishing we had some time during a football game on Sunday, something other than bounce houses and pizza that they won't eat (even though they do have a blast there every once and a while), as well as an option more consistent and possibly on the week days. We figured we'd create a company based on what the kids would want while we went and did our own thing for a couple of hours. This is why we call it "Kids Night Out"! It's all about what the kids want to do. Every activity available is specifically what the kids asked for when starting this company. The adults are there to be sure there is some sort of order to the night, help with supplies, keep them safe and feed them. Kind of like a babysitter but with a bunch of new and old friends. 

For now, we will be a mobile business by keeping our fun zone with us at all times; allowing us to bring the same kind of fun wherever we go. I'm sure we will add and remove things as our kids dream up new kinds of fun. Whatever the kids want, within reason, we will provide.  


Meet the KNO Team

Mr. Robby


Mr Robby will be the first person you will see when you come to the site. He will be there to greet you, check the children in and answer any questions you may have. He will be there to monitor the front door, answer phones and texts from parents. Feel free to check in with him at any time. He will be managing the live feed throughout the night. Robby is an engineer by day, a husband, a dad and the brain behind this whole idea. Robby and Sara will be working as a team in planning and executing every event. 

Mrs. Sara


  Hi! I am currently a paraprofessional at Center for Educational Excellence. I have also been a substitute teacher at this school as well as the Kyrene School District over the past 4 school years. Since I was 18, I have worked in a variety of positions, volunteer or employment wise, with youth including: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Teach for a Day, Youth Ministry, Flagstaff Unified School District, STEM/Supply Chain School Programs, Junior Achievement, etc. My family started this business because we had kids later in life, were used to having time as a couple so we frequently use these types of programs. We just wanted them more often with more variety. I look forward to growing this business with your children. I promise they will be in good hands. Plus, my children have had a lot of fun planning the activities.   

Activity Leaders - all with IVP AND CPR/FA

Mrs Chris


Mrs Chris is a loving and caring full time grandma who is also our go-to Face Painter at Kids Night Out. She loves kids and has a ton of energy. She makes each event fun!

Ms Kayla


Miss Kayla is Club Leader at Kyrene Kids Club and our first official KNO employee. She is great at keeping an eye on everyone and making sure everyone is included.

Ms Jessica


Ms Jessica is a fun loving mom with a ton of energy. She can be found letting kids paint her face and joining in every activity. Her daughter is a staple at the events and is also  a ton of fun. 


Mister Matthew is one of our junior activity planners. Kids plan each event. He and Chloe make sure that there are enough crafts and space to do things like play active games. He loves basketball. His main goal is to be sure everyone will have a great time. He loves making friends and helping new friends feel included. His favorite thing about KNO is the XBox. 


Miss Chloe is our other junior activity planner.  Kids are always part of planning each event. She is full of energy, loves to have fun and dance and listen to music. Her favorite thing about KNO is the music while she does all of the crafts. She also picks all the board games, card games and loves Bingo.